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    🔧 Discover and Create with Climate Tech Inventor Kits

    Spark your eco-adventure and unleash your inner eco-inventor with our climate tech kits. Learning & sustainable fun await!

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    💡 Interactive Climate Tech Courses

    Our Climate Tech Inventor Course has quickly become a resource for techies and newbies alike. And now you can learn from home. YAY!

  • We want you to get curious about the fascinating world of climate tech. No matter your level of skill or experience, EcoInnovate Labs can help you learn about climate tech and build your own climate tech projects with our kits and educational courses. 





    💡LEARN about eco-friendly inventions with easy-to-follow guides.

    🔧 CREATE sustainable projects, play with them, and learn their impact.

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  • 💡 LEARN

    Interactive Climate Tech Inventor Courses


    Unleash your inner eco-inventor with our interactive and engaging courses. From beginners to budding experts, we have something for everyone. Our courses are packed with fun, hands-on activities that bring climate tech concepts to life!

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  • 🔧 CREATE

    Shop our Climate Tech Inventor Kits

    Climate Tech Inventor Kit

    Climate Tech Inventor Kit

    Get ready to BIY - Build-It-Yourself! Our Climate Tech Inventor Kits are perfect for hands-on learning and creating. Dive into projects like building an automated plant care system, a solar-powered charging station, or a smart weather station!
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  • 🌍 ENGAGE

    Access Our AI Tool: Eco Intellect 

    A climate science advisor for impactful actions.


    Eco Intellect is designed to recommend the most impactful actions for climate change mitigation, ordered by importance and impact. It incorporates insights from credible sources like Project Drawdown and the IPCC to inform its suggestions, ensuring that it advises on significant measures on the top ways to reduce climate change. Disclaimer: this is a GPT/AI tool and some info may need refinement. Feedback welcome!

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    "Our mission is to inspire resilient, creative thinkers who are ready to tackle climate challenges, starting with tackling fun eco-projects!" - EcoInnovate Team

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    Everyone is welcome in our diverse, engaging, and hands-on learning environment.

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    Encouraging future leaders to become problem-solvers as they explore eco-friendly concepts.

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